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New emoticons are added to GB alongside the current ones. 

Whatsapp is currently no more a web based informing stage however an installment one also. With GB WhatsApp, you can exchange cash from your record to his. 

GB Whatsapp has a DND mode empowering which separates the Internet association from the App. 

Videos and Images, yet you can send 100 record with a solitary tap rather than just 30 from the first App. 

Occupied with something however can't disregard the got message? GB Whatsapp has presented Auto-answer include, where the message which you have referenced is sent naturally to the contact. You can deal with the rundown of contacts to whom this Auto highlight will work upon. 

Empower live areas to send you to live positions to your companions with GB Whatsapp. 

The Whatsapp recordings or sounds can be played in any of your ideal music players. 

Prior, when you didn't wish to spare a contact yet needed to do as such on the grounds that you need to make a call, But now no such issues all due to Whatsapp GB. 

With GB Whatsapp, you can erase or deny more than one sent message on the double. 

It has message scheduler inbuilt so you can plan them according to your need. 

Your status would now be able to amass 255 characters rather than only 139. 

Whatsapp lock highlight is inbuilt, so no outsider is required. 

You can remain online regardless of whether the screen goes OFF. 

The gathering name would now be able to be of 35 characters. 

You can check any message as perusing directly from the notice bar. 

The way that clients of the application are not getting taboo implies that the GBWhatsApp apk isn't totally duplicated from the authority WhatsApp. So WhatsApp gives GB a chance to continue utilizing it. In any case, simply because individuals are getting stopped doesn't straightforwardly imply that it is sheltered or exhibited a thumbs up from WhatsApp. 

Any modded application is maybe perilous. As a rule, things that are lovely to utilize and that come free regularly have a shrouded expense to them. For this situation, we don't have the foggiest idea what other code the designer of GB WhatsApp has put in the application. Like actually, they may have the law to watch on you, and they can do that since you've given their application endorsements to acquire your mouthpiece, associations, and SD card with pictures, and so forth. 

Obviously, the authority WhatsApp could simply be doing the proportional, but since they are an organization, they are held to an increasingly huge level of commitment in feelings with respect to what they do. Furthermore, given how WhatsApp has manufactured a brand around ensuring its client's mystery, they can't simply do that without repercussions.